vStack SE

Solution Oriented’s Virtualization Stack for Small Enterprise (vStack SE) delivers targeted, cost effective performance and scalability for small enterprises moving from a legacy infrastructure to virtual. The main components of the vStack SE solution are:

  1. Enterprise-class hypervisor with critical infrastructure components:
    1. High-Availability
    2. High-Performance
    3. High-Scalability
    4. Simple, Unified Management
    5. Low-Complexity Setup
    6. Cost Effective starting at $75/CPU
  2. Enterprise-class storage with critical performance and compatibility:
    1. High-Performance NAS
    2. High-Performance iSCSI
    3. High-Performance SAS
    4. High-Scalability
    5. Cost Effective, approaching $1K/TB
    6. Hypervisor Integration
    7. Low Price-Performance SSD Support
    8. Flexible In-line De-Duplication
    9. Unlimited Snapshot and Replication
    10. Support for multiple 10GE interfaces
  3. Enterprise-class Hardware
    1. High-Performance, 12+ Threads per Node
    2. Dedicated Out-of-Band, KVM/IP Management
    3. Support for 10GE and Infiniband Options
    4. Hypervisor Tier-1 HCL
    5. Hot-Swap Compute Nodes
    6. High-Efficiency, Redundant Power Supplies
  4. Datacenter-grade Switching
    1. High-performance, low-latency fabrics
    2. Highly Scalable
    3. Dense, 1/10GE options
    4. Low-cost per 10GE port, approaching $500/port
    5. Accelerates storage and data paths
    6. Integrates with VMware vNDS

Details of SOLORI’s vStack Solutions will be available on-line in Q3/2010. Please contact us directly for more information.

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