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Quarter in Review: Top 5’s of Q3/2009

October 2, 2009

SOLORI’s top blog posts of Q3/2009

  1. In-the-Lab: Full ESX Test Lab in a Box – 18%
    1. Part 1, Setup and Getting Started with ESXi
    2. Part 2, Selecting a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)
    3. Part 3, Building and Provisioning the VSA
    4. Part 4, Creating the Cluster-in-a-Box
    5. Part 5, Deploying vCenter, Update Manager, et al
  2. Installing FreeNAS to USB Flash: Easy as 1, 2, 3 – 17%
  3. Preview: Installing vSphere ESXi to Flash – 11%
  4. Installing ESXi on the Tyan Transport GT28 – 4%
  5. In-the-Lab: vSphere DPM, Quirky but Functional – 3%

SOLORI’s top search engine keywords for Q3/2009

  1. USB flash install – 5.6%
  2. FreeNAS – 4.7%
  3. ESXi – 1.7%
  4. Virtual SAN – 0.6%
  5. AMD – 0.4%

Summary and Comments

With about 17K visits this quarter, FreeNAS and ESXi related posts are clearly the most popular. We’ve seen a great deal of traffic generated by the ESX-on-ESX series, but the popular FreeNAS project comes a close second. Judging by the search engine results, nearly 6% of our traffic find the SolutionOriented Blog trying to locate tips on installing FreeNAS or ESXi to USB flash. We’ll take that as a hint for next quarter to deliver more information on alternative and open storage solutions that fit virtualization use cases: stayed tuned.