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SME Stack V0.1, Part 2 – Storage is Key

December 31, 2008

Storage is key to the virtual infrastructure. That’s right, storage. For business applications network products, hypervisors and management tools all exist to interconnect what? Storage.

Need proof? First, the derivative product from a hypervisor-based computing platform (composite of OS, applications and related data) is a group of files. Second, hypervisor-based storage relies on reliable, target performance, network connected storage to facilitate migration, recovery and duplication (cloning, rapid provisioning, etc.) The network element will simply not be significant a factor in determining performance or utility when TCO is calculated. Third, storage is where hypervisor and non-hypervisor technologies meet in the middle. For some time, a significant number of businesses will need to live in the hybrid world of hardware and virtual computing. The only surviving common element will be storage. Read the rest of this entry ?