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Quick Take: New Car Syndrome

April 9, 2009

John De Gelas over at Anandtech poses the “million dollar question” of upgrading memory and CPU versus replacing the entire system. So far, there is a 2:1 margin in favor of “throwing out the baby with the bath water” and replacing the entire server even when new CPUs are available. This curious “new car syndrome” that seems to have affected IT decision makers in the past will have to change in the “new” economy. Is Intel’s marketing strategy sound?

Some in the AMD fan-boy camp have accused Anand of “bending” to Intel by “always” presenting new Intel products in the glowing light of an post-coital cigarette. However, Intel has consistently “outed” more technology than AMD on many more fronts: hands-down, Intel gives Anand’s group much more to talk about! However, this relentless cycle of “product renovation” from Intel is an interesting formula of update and obsolescence that – like the “latest model” vehicle update – drags the user to a buying decision much earlier than the life-cycle warrants.

SOLORI is big on stable image platforms – Intel has SIPP for desktops and AMD’s cover desktop and server – and expanding an equipment line’s useful lifetime from 18 to 36 months with simple memory and processor upgrades seems an obvious choice. Perhaps the Intel-focus at AnandTech creates a reader bias towards disposable platforms than it would with more AMD followers. AMD Opteron users are likely more familiar with processor swaps than Intel users, given that a single-core AMD platform purchased in 2006 can be upgraded to 6-core Istanbul later this year with only another BIOS update – adding another 12-months to its life: that’s a 48-month product lifetime in tech! Read the rest of this entry ?