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Tyan: New Istanbul BIOS Released

June 16, 2009

Tyan joins the AMD 6-core release cycle with “Istanbul-enabled” BIOS releases six 2P motherboards (and related systems). We here from a reliable source that the Tyan “twin” system (B2985, 2-node, 1U) BIOS is in “alpha” testing and will be released “soon.” Here’s what’s available now:

Dual-Opteron Motherboards (2000-series)

S2912-E, S2915-E, S2927, S2927-E, S2932, S2932-E


These BIOS releases were only available from Tyan’s FTP site (, anonymous access) until now. As of 6/17/2009 you will find them on the BIOS helper from the product web page.

Also, we were surprised to find that the AGESA for the S4985 series (quad-socket) motherboards are still version and are likely not Istanbul-ready. We do not have the S4985 in our testing lab to confirm of deny this, but we have been told by AMD that is the minimum Istanbul supported AGESA.


Supermicro: More Istanbul BIOS Released

June 15, 2009

Supermicro has more systems with BIOS supporting the AMD “Istanbul” 6-core Opteron processor. These all contain the AGESA standard and include 12 more 2P systems including the Twin 1U and Quad 2U systems. This brings Supermicro’s Istanbul support to 23 motherboards.

Dual-Opteron Motherboards (2000-series)

Newly Released: H8DA3-2, H8DAi-2, H8DA8-2, H8DAE-2, H8DMR-82, H8DMR-i2, H8DMT, H8DMT-F, H8DMT-IBX, H8DMT-IBXF, H8DMT+, H8DMT-INF+

Previously Released: H8DM8-2, H8DME-2, H8DMU+

Quad-Opteron Motherboards (8000-series)

Previously Released: H8QM3-2, H8QM3-2+, H8QMi-2, H8QMi-2+, H8QM8-2, H8QM8-2+, H8QME-2, H8QME-2+