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Dell Posts Top 4P/16-core VMmark

June 21, 2009

Dell has posted a new VMmark for its PowerEdge M905 series with a score of 22.90@17 tiles for a 4P Opteron 8393 SE based system. Although newly posted on VMware’s VMmark scoreboard, this test was performed on ESX 4.0 (build 159706) and completed May 19, 2009. This is the the first time a 4P Opteron system has exceeded 1-tile-per-core to achieve the highest composite score and bests the previous high score – a Dell R905 – by 1% and 1 tile (102 virtual machines total).

Dell’s M905 was fitted with 128GB of PC2-5300 (DDR2/667) registered ECC memory, 4 on-board Broadcom NetXtreme 1Gbps, and a QLogic QLE2462 FC adapter for virtual machine storage. Three Dell/EMC CX3-4of’s were used including 6 enclosures with 15 disks per enclosure to deliver 18 LUNx (6 per enclosure, 90 physical disks total.)