We’re using NexentaStor as the foundation for a low-profile, high-performance SAN platform in SOLORI’s testing lab. The unified storage platform delivered by Nexenta Systems provides a hybrid storage pool of low-cost SATA disk and (relatively) inexpensive SLC and MLC flash.

Parts used:

This results in a $2,366/TB price point – arguably easy to beat using that single data pint. However, using this same platform, we intend to experiment with storage approaches that sustain performance goals (in the lab) but drastically limit power demands. We’ll be looking at alternate processors (saving 20W) and higher-capacity 5×00 RPM “Eco-Green” hard drives (saving 16W) in an attempt to deliver higher TB/Watt at equal or better performance numbers than the conventional hybrid build-out.

Resulting “lab storage” framework – fully licensed – averages about $1,100/TB of managed storage – challenging the “budget storage” vendors that sacrifice performance and power utilization for bulk capacity. The results should prove beneficial to mid-market virutalization…  the RAIDz implementation is only $600 cheaper yet provides 30% lower power consumption – can SSD make up for the loss of spindle groups???

Reference architecture for redundant SAN with SATA L2ARC and ZIL…

Making SATA SSD's redundant for ZIL and L2ARC (AAMUX required)

Making SATA SSD's redundant for ZIL and L2ARC (AAMUX required)

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