Nexenta Turns 2.0

June 30, 2009

Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer for SearchStorage.com, has an interview with Nexenta CEO Evan Powell about the release of NexentaStor 2.0 today. The open source storage vendor is making some fundamentally “enterprise focused” changes to its platform in this release by adding active-active high availability features and 24/7 phone support.

“Version 2.0 is Nexenta’s attempt to “cross the chasm” between the open-source community and the traditional enterprise. Chief among these new features is the ability to perform fully automated two-way high availability between ZFS server nodes. Nexenta has already made synchronous replication and manual failover available for ZFS, which doesn’t offer those features natively, Powell said. With the release of Nexenta’s High Availability 1.0 software, failover and failback to the secondary server can happen without human intervention.”


In a related webinar and conference call today, Powell reiterated Nexenta’s support of open storage saying, “we believe that you should own your storage. Legacy vendors want to lock you into their storage platform, but with Nexenta you can take your storage to any platform that speaks ZFS.” Powell sees Nexenta’s anti-lock-in approach as part of their wider value proposition. When asked about de-duplication technology, he referred to Sun’s prototyped de-duplication technology and the promise to introduce it into the main line this summer.

Assuming de-dupe makes it into the kernel this summer, Powell said “de-dupe – or anything touching the kernel – would be about 90-days out” indicating a vigorous testing period before release. Adding, “this is true de-dupe – in otherwords inline de-dupe” referring the process of de-duplication before writing to disk or committing to replication. This type of de-duplication method is thought to offer the greatest economy of storage.

As cloud initiatives search for “open storage” solutions to drive down the cost of their large scale deployments, the addition of high availability and de-duplication could put Nexenta on the map. Execution and support will need to be competitive in this new class of application, to which Nexenta has engaged an undisclosed third-party to extend their on-site capabilities. Powell indicated in today’s conference call that this new support partner would be disclosed “in the near future.”

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