Supermicro: Istanbul BIOS Updates

June 4, 2009

Supermicro has just updated some of their “A+ System” motherboards to accept the AMD “Istanbul” 6-core Opteron processor. As we’ve indicated in a previous post, the Istanbul requires a BIOS that is up to the AGESA standard. We’ve seen the H8DMU+ in AMD’s testing lab and on TechReport’s review of Istanbul so it appears that the “Istanbul” BIOS is pretty well baked.

Dual-Opteron Motherboards (2000-series)

H8DM8-2, H8DME-2, H8DMU+

Quad-Opteron Motherboards (8000-series)

H8QM3-2, H8QM3-2+, H8QMi-2, H8QMi-2+, H8QM8-2, H8QM8-2+, H8QME-2, H8QME-2+

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