AMD G34 Motherboards Spotted

June 3, 2009

Charlie Demerjian was first to post a couple of “spy photos” of two G34 motherboards on his site “SemiAccurate.” Both of the boards sighted are dual-socket G34 and appear to carry on-board 10GE ports.

The G34 from Quanta appears to be 2-DPC (16 DIMM slots) with what could be Broadcom’s BCM84812 100/1G/10G chipset, while the other looks to be 3-DPC (24 DIMM slots). The larger of the two, from Inventec, looks to be designed for low-profile/HPC applications and appears to support 10GE with a pair of on-board SFP+ connectors – possibly using Intel’s 82599ES for 100/1G/10G compatibility.

As we know from our briefings with AMD on the subject of G34, these motherboards should be able to run quad-channel DDR3/1333 at 2-DPC. This allows AMD/G34 to offer more than twice the amount of DDR3/1333 than Nehalem-EP (8-DIMMs/CPU on G34 versus 3-DIMMs/CPU on Nehalem). With 2-sockets yielding 24-cores, 64GB RAM (16 x 4GB DDR3/1333) and on-board, redundant 10GE, AMD’s IOMMU and these G34 boards, as Charlie puts it, “scream HPC and heavy-load virtualization.”

Based on what we can see, expect to see these boards in the $375 to $450 price range in Q1/2010.

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