VMware’s vSphere – Available Today

May 21, 2009

VMware’s new flagship product, vSphere , has hit general release and is now available.

As we reported earlier, vSphere’s license model has changed so existing SnS customers will need to either:

  1. Check your e-mail for updated licenses;
  2. Redeem their VI3 licenses (under SnS) for new vSphere versions;
  3. Download the vSphere trial and request evaluation license (recommended);
  4. Contact their VMware Partner for assistance;

We are strongly recommending a 30-day trial period for Existing VMware customers to vet vSphere in your environment and Eco-System. We’ll be releasing some guidance for upgrades and vSphere ESXi deployment to flash over the next 30-days. We also recommend:

  1. Remember that vSphere’s ESX Server 4.0 is 64-bit ONLY – your 32-bit machines are not upgradeable;
  2. Download the vSphere Evaluation Guide from VMware and review it completely;
  3. Take advantage of VMware’s On-Line Guided Evaluation Training;
  4. Check the vSphere Hardware Compatibility Guide for issues specific to your hardware;
  5. Arrange for a Demonstration and Training through your VMware Partner;
  6. Backup your vCenter database (or virtual machine and database) prior to upgrading;
  7. Sign-up for free vSphere 4 QuickStart training;

Not all of the announced features may be available in licensed version your SnS upgrade entitles you to receive. Please make sure that you are working with your VMware Partner or Consultant to insure that your VI3-to-vSphere trial, training and upgrade goes smoothly.

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