VMware Partner 2009 Update: License Changes Coming

April 16, 2009

The old VMware licensing system was “difficult to understand” for many end-users. The policy of purchase-registration-activation and subsequent assignment to either license server or host license file/code will be changed to accommodate simple key codes. Those familiar with Microsoft’s license key structure will feel right at home with the new licensing structure.

Once purchased, the new license key – with full enablement encoded into it – will be e-mailed to the purchaser and applied to the host/vCenter Server for feature activation. License keys can be split on-line (i.e. 20-CPU key turned into two, 10-CPU keys, etc.) and managed through the portal as usual. VMware also promises to enhance the end-user’s ability to track license keys better.

Current license holders should be looking for more information from VMware in their in-boxes following the general availability announcement before the end of Q2’09.

Note: No changes to existing product licensing will be made as this new process applies to products released with (and in addition to) VMware’s new hypervisor.

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