Update: ESXi on GT28

April 12, 2009

Just an updated post to confirm that the GT28 (with KVMoIP SMDC module) has proven to be an excellent platform both in manageability and performance. At a $150/node premium over Supermicro’s AS-1021 dual-node, the quad-gigabit interface appointed Tyan GT28 is great for clustered consolidation and the “roomy” memory allowance gives it scalability. The only thing keeping the GT28 from being “perfect” is its lack of a redundant power option.

Our test systems have been running continuously in the lab for over 3 months without a single failure. We’d like to see an updated BIOS for the SMDC module that gives us a bit more control, but the current platform beats Supermicro’s BIOS stability with their current AGESA 3.3.0+ and KVMoIP offering (AS-1021, AS-2021, etc.).

However, Supermicro has taken it’s 1U/2-node platform to the redundant power stage by offering a 2U/4-node platform with redundant supply built-in. Perfect? Nope – still only twin-gigabit, requiring the single slot be dedicated to additional Ethernet capacity. But then there’s the issue with NO knock-out for its KVMoIP-SMDC module, requiring either ugly hack-it-in wiring or the loss of the expansion slot. A serious mistake? Time will tell…

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