Quick Take: Live Migration with Istanbul

April 1, 2009

As a follow-up to the six-core demonstration referenced in an earlier post, AMD has issued a press release and a related video demonstrating a “three generation” migration in VMware VI3. The key issues for AMD are that a running workload on a “Barcelona” Opteron can migrate to/from a “Shanghai” or “Istanbul” series processor without shutdown (courtesy of VMware’s VMotion).

Another excellent take-away is that – unlike the test mule system used in the previous demonstrations – the system used in the migration demonstration appears to be a Supermicro AS-2021M. Pictured below, this platform demonstration would seem to indicate that Istanbul is close to release.

Ron Myers of AMD migrating from one server to another using VMware ESX 3.5

Ron Myers of AMD migrating from one server to another using VMware ESX 3.5

SOLORI’s take: Previous tests had either involved AMD test mules or HP modular systems. The use of SOLORI Eco-System products in such a demonstration underscores the value of AMD as an Eco-System partner and the longevity of these systems in production.

SOLORI’s 2nd take: With the emergence of Intel’s Nehalem-EP processor and its outstanding pre-release benchmark testing, AMD has a very short window of opportunity to release the Istanbul series to hold its ground. Given some early indications that probe filter boosts memory bandwidth – an issue Nehalem currently leads in – AMD should launch Istanbul with as many optimizing feature as they can, including probe filter.

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