ESXi Firmware Update

February 10, 2009


This release closes an unspecified vulnerability in ESX and ESXi 3.5 that created a host crash when snapshots of corrupt VMDKs were made. This was assigned CVE-2008-4914.

Problems with the following hardware were also addressed:

  • E1000 NICs
  • Broadcom HT-1000 SATA controllers
  • SATA CD/DVD drives
  • SanDisk SD-USB cards
  • 64-bit SLES9 SP3 virtual machines with e1000 drivers
  • Broadcom BCM5700 NICs
  • iSCSI Software Initiator

It also fixes a problem with FC-based N-port ID Virtualization (NPIV) targets used with RDM. The problem caused VM’s with NPIV-based RDM’s to fail (not power on) after removing the world wide name (WWN) assignment. After the patch, the VM powers on even in the absence of the WWN.

For ESXi-on-USB-flash fans, the patch fixes a problem with some SanDisk USB media by updating the usb-storage driver.

For details on the update, see VMware’s Knowledge Base article.

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