Tyan S2935-SI to be released???

January 15, 2009

While following-up on the availability issue with GT28 systems, I stumbled-over a question fielded by Tyan’s technical support group about hypertransport v3 (HT3) interconnects and the S2935. The GT28 is still being front-page-listed on Tyan’s home site making it one of their top three barebones systems.  The S2935 motherboard in the GT28 was also noted in a recent press release as one of the AMD 45nm-ready systems. Tyan support group indicated that the S2935 has been updated to “S2935-SI” (release TBD) to include support for HT3 at some future date:

The S2935 was designed before HT3 (HyperTransport interconnect) technology was announced. The S2935 does not have HT3 link capability. If you want to have HT3 link capability then you can use all the same components on the S2935-SI product instead. This product was re-designed to support HT3 link technologies – Revised 10/22/2008

This is good news for those of you shopping for Transport GT28 systems today and finding short supply: it looks like a new release is on the horizon. The last GT28 system we got took two weeks to fulfill and since then NewEgg has removed the part number from active inventory due to the shortage.

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