My Virtualization Christmas List

December 16, 2008

The following is a list, in no particular order, of the things from Santa’s workshop that would make my life in “guerrilla virtualization” easier.

  1. The $500 2U, iSCSI SAN (sans drives) with 8 bays, 2GB cache, 4x1G;ps ports and 500MB/sec sustainable throughput,
  2. An F/OSS iSCSI SAN OS with non-performance-impacting snapshots, intelligent asynchronous replication (coherent) and cluster/stacking, plus built-in deduplicating backup;
  3. A 50W TDP, 8-core Opteron processor at 3.2GHz;
  4. A 1U, dual-node, 2P, eight-core hypervisor chassis with 128GB/node, 1x10Gbps port and/or 4x1Gbps ports and N+1 PS;
  5. A $1,000, 1U, 8x10Gbps managed switch;
  6. A hypervisor OS with processor agnostic live migration, infinite snapshot backup/restore, natively reads Xen, Virtualbox, KVM, VMWare and HyperV virtual disks and configs, can “clone on migrate” a running image to a “dmz” for analysis or a “remote cluster” for easy DR snapshots, supports I/O and processor limits per VM and runs most workloads at least 95% bare metal.

Some of this is close to production, but it will be some time until the “eco-system” is up to par…

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