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December 12, 2008

My name is Collin MacMillan. I believe that business relationships are best served with honest, straight-forward, ethical practices rather than slick salesmanship and skillful slight of hand. This is especially important with technology professionals as we hold many implicit trusts that could be easily exploited in the absence of a sound ethical foundation. I believe that responsible technology vendors must reduce a clients risk while implementing their services – not increase it.

I started Solution Oriented (SOLORI.NET) back in 1996 as Solution Oriented Engineering while on hiatus from work as an embedded design engineer. Working as an independent contractor of hardware and software development for embedded systems, I developed a custom controller interface using white room techniques for Super Nintendo systems. The resulting work was deployed in over 80K units world wide in the form of a “control chair” allowing more immersion in game play.

Recently, I’ve dropped the “Engineering” moniker from the name and now it’s just Solution Oriented (SolOri).  I find complex solutions require the knowledge of architecture, project management, application development and “black box” thinking. My personal gifts run toward the analysis and distillation of big-picture-thinking into its constituent (and often complex) elements and that’s the focus of SolOri’s work.

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